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Thrace Greece
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The picturesque region of Thrace, or Thraki as it is also known, is situated to the north east of Greece. Filled with beautiful scenery, and rich in wild nature and beauty, the region of Thrace is one of the most unique and charming in Greece.

The region of Thrace is a very important part of the country, and is vital for ecological balance with the aquatic ecosystem of the Evros river and the Vistinida lake. The natural setting provides visitors with a perfect place for relaxing and peaceful holidays.

Bordering with Turkey on the east and Bulgaria on the north, Thrace is the most eastern region of Greece. With the unique counties of Evros, Rodopi and Xanthi, the region is one that provides you with a charming holiday destination that one can visit throughout the year.

During the summer months, you can enjoy the charming beaches along the coast of the Aegean Sea, whilst during the winter, can enjoy the beautiful snow covered mountains, and the quaint and pretty traditional villages scattered all over the region.

Thrace is the ideal holiday and vacation destination for those who are seeking an escape from the more tourist and overcrowded destinations in Greece. With the traditional setting, and the richness of the natural beauty and landscape, the region of Thrace is one that offers a real and authentic Greek experience.

Hotels in Evros

Evros - Thrace
Hotels in Evros

The region of Evros is one of the largest in Greece and is situated at the north east point of the country, and is a particularly strategic point. As in the rest of the region of Thrace in North Greece, the county of Evros has a population, of which ....

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Hotels in Rodopi

Rodopi - Thrace
Hotels in Rodopi

The charming and highly picturesque county of Rodopi is the central prefecture of Thrace, located between Xanthi to the west and Evros to the east. It is a place where nature thrives, and the landscape is the perfect combination of mountain and sea, with the perfect blending ....

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Hotels in Xanthi

Xanthi - Thrace
Hotels in Xanthi

The beautiful prefecture of Xanthi is located in North Greece in the area known as Thrace. The magical mountains of Rodopi, the stunning landscape of rich and dense forests and greenery create a truly inspiring ....

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