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Evia Greece
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Evia, or Eubeoa as it is also spelt, is the second largest island in Greece after that of Crete, and is a place of immense natural beauty. With the dominating mountains and the green and colourful vegetation, combined with the deep blue waters of the sea, Evia is a holiday destination that is perfect for visiting throughout the year.

The island is one that offers a huge choice of popular holiday and travel destinations, such as the famous towns of Chalkida, Edipsos, Kymi, Karistos and many others that are scattered all around this magical island.

The close proximity with Evia to Mainland Greece makes the island one that is easily accessible by road. The bridge connecting the mainland with the capital town of Chalkidia makes Evia an excellent holiday destination for those who wish to travel by car. There are also ports situated along the north, central and southern regions of Evia for ferry transport.

Around the island are some truly spectacular beaches, where you can enjoy the refreshing cool waters of the sea lapping up against the golden soft sands. The picturesque landscape and scenery create a setting where one cannot help but to relax and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

There are many places of exceptional interest on Evia, and it is an island that one has to explore to truly appreciate. From the rich green forests in the north, to the dominating mountains in the south, Evia offers a variety of landscapes and destinations for your enjoyable holidays and vacations.

Hotels in North Evia

North Evia - Greece
Hotels in North Evia

The northern region of Evia is considered by many to be the most beautiful part of the island. With a rich and colourful landscape, perfectly combining the mountains, forests and sea, the region is one that is ideal for your holidays on this unique island ....

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Hotels in Central Evia

Central Evia - Greece
Hotels in Central Evia

The region of Central Evia is where you will some of the most famous towns and villages on the island. The capital city of Chalkida ( Halkida ) is located here, and is actually connected with mainland Greece via a bridge ....

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Hotels in South Evia

South Evia - Greece
Hotels in South Evia

The southern region of Evia is famous for the huge mountains that dominate the landscape.With colourful and rich vegetation and fauna, towering trees, and streams of fresh spring waters, the region provides tranquility and inspiration to ....

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