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Sporades Islands Greece
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Situated in the North West of the Aegean Sea are the group of beautiful islands known as the Sporades. The main islands of the Sporades are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, which are sometimes refered to as the North Sporades Islands.

The famous island belonging to the Sporades is that of Skyros, which is situated between the island of Evia, and those of the Northern Sporades.

These islands are of immense natural beauty, and are much greener than the other islands of Greece. This creates a very peacful and colourful landscape, one of green hills and mountains that stretch down to the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

The Sporades have some truly exceptional beaches, and during the summer months, are filled with visitors who can enjoy a refreshing swim, or take part in a choice of various waters sports that are available.

If you are searching for a relaxing and peaceful holiday, yet one that offers a range of interesting and fun filled activities, then the islands of the Sporades could just be exactly what you are looking for.

Hotels in Skiathos

Skiathos - Sporades Islands
Hotels in Skiathos

The island of Skiathos is the western most island in the Sporades. The island actually belongs to the municipality of Magnesia and is a short distance by boat from the magestic Pelion peninsula. Skiathos is a very green and luschious island ....

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Hotels in Skopelos

Skopelos - Sporades Islands
Hotels in Skopelos

The Sporades island of Skopelos is viewed by many as being one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece. With the magical landscape of mountain and sea, and of the green and blue colours blending perfectly together, Skopelos is a perfect holiday destination ....

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Hotels in Skyros

Skyros - Sporades Islands
Hotels in Skyros

The beautiful island of Skyros, part of the Sporades islands, is truely a magical place. It is a small island located between the island of Evia and the islands of the North Sporades. Skyros has a lovely selection of beautiful towns and coastal resorts ....

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