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Epirus Greece
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Located along the coast of West Greece, the region of Epirus is one of the most naturally beautiful and unique in all of Greece. It is a place where nature thrives, and with each new season come a new array of landscapes, aromas and immense natural beauty. Epirus is a part of Greece that is popular for holidays and vacations all year round.

Due to the natural beauty of the region, it is one where the tourism industry plays an important role in the economy of the area. Epirus is a perfect combination of sea and mountain, and a place where beauty and magic can be found on each corner, and underneath each pebble.

There are some stunning beaches that can be found along the coast of Epirus, making it an ideal place to visit during the summer months. There are also many beautiful gorges, lakes, forests and rivers, creating an extremely natural and inspiring setting, where you can enjoy and experience all types of holidays and vacations.

The counties that make up Epirus are Arta, Ioannina, Preveza and Thesprotia. Each of these charming counties have their own unique beauty and magic, and together, make the region of Epirus so stunning and unique.

For many visitors who travel to Greece by boat, the region of Epirus, and in particular, the port of Igoumenitsa, is the entry point into the country. The first impression of many such visitors is one of complete awe and amazement at the extreme natural beauty.

Whether you are looking for a holiday where you can simply relax and enjoy the natural setting and beautiful landscapes, or one where you can take part in a range of various sports and activities, you can be confident that the region of Epirus will have something for everyone. It is a region of Greece that needs to be visited firsthand to truly be appreciated.

Hotels in Arta

Arta - Epirus
Hotels in Arta

Located on the banks of the river Aragthos in the Epirus region of Greece is the beautiful county or Arta. The area is one of great historic importance, as well as being a place of exceptional natural beauty. For a brief period during the 13th ....

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Hotels in Ioannina

Ioannina - Epirus
Hotels in Ioannina

The county of Ioannina is the Cultural and Financial capital of Epirus, and lies on the beautiful shores of Lake Pamvotida, or Lake Ioannina, as it is known today. The city of Ioannina is one that perfectly combines the current modern times with ....

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Hotels in Preveza

Preveza - Epirus
Hotels in Preveza

The stunning county of Preveza, located on the northern part of the Amvrakikos Gulf, is a part of Epirus with a history dating back thousands of years, and where nature has thrived throughout the years, creating a landscape ....

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Hotels in Thesprotia

Thesprotia - Epirus
Hotels in Thesprotia

Located directly opposite the Ionian island of Corfu is the county of Thesprotia, one of the most beautiful and stunning regions in Western Greece. The port of Igoumenitsa is one of the main entrances into Greece from all over ....

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